What do we mean by discreet delivery?

At She Plays He Plays we do not mean that your package will be delivered during the night, through the backdoor (of the house!).

What we do mean though is that you can be safe in the knowledge that we only use plain brown or white boxes meaning NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW what is inside the box!

Now there is no need to worry about the neighbours, children, parents or even the postman knowing what is inside your parcel. 

What will be written on my parcel?

At She Plays He Plays, protecting your privacy is our number one commitment and that is why there are no markings on any of our parcels to even suggest that you have brought something from She Plays He Plays.
Plain Box
All our parcels have three things written on them:

1. Your address label – we need to get your box of fun to you!

2. Our discreet return address shown as:
C & L Products
PO BOX 408

Remember, your credit or debit card statement will also show a charge to C & L Products - as we said being discreet is our commitment to you.

3. A stamp or a Royal Mail Recorded Delivery Sticker or a courier sticker depending on the service you choose to use.

What will my parcel look like? Well, it’s a plain box…

At She Plays He Plays all our orders are sent in plain and discreet packaging.

Depending on the product we will either send it in a plain quality box or a heavy duty padded envelope.
Boxes at she plays he plays

Our heavy duty and quality boxes are used for larger items and our heavy duty and quality padded envelopes are used for smaller items.
Discreet Delivery
To add that extra security we wrap all parcels with clear packing tape.

So is it all just plain boring packaging?

YES, YES and YES. Your privacy is very important to us BUT there is more! (we can hear you shouting out “what is it?”!)

Once you receive your package you will of course open it carefully (rip it open) and to ensure your goods arrive undamaged and to add even more privacy we bubble wrap all our goods.

Box Example

You made me read all this to find out about cardboard boxes and bubble wrap…we want more?

Cardboard boxes and bubble wrapping aren't the most interesting things in the world (popping bubble wrap), so we go even further by gift wrapping all your items for FREE in luxury tissue paper.

Gift wrap in box

So if it is a gift for someone or a treat for yourself, you can be certain that once you tear through that luxury tissue paper, a sexy surprise will be waiting for you!