Welcome to She Plays He Plays sex advice page. My name is Mario Rossi and I live and work in London as a Sexpert.

For the past 6 years I have been helping the British public with their sex life. In 2012, I was offered a position at She Plays He Plays to be there online sexual advisor and so far I have loved every minute of it. 

Through my years of experience in helping men and women repair their sex life, I have tried and tested many different things to help them and I hope my guides will now help you. If you cannot find the information you need, just ask a question in the forum and I will provide a personal response to help you start having a great sex life.

Everyone can repair and improve their sex life – this is a fact! Both men and women can reach a point in life when their sexual desire can all of a sudden reach a bumpy road. With some guidance from me, you can get back on the right path and start having great orgasms again.

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The Sex Guides

Many of you reading these guides may be beginners and having sex and using sex toys may be something new. Those of you who have had a few years’ experience in using sex toys, then use these guides to try and pick up a few new ideas and tips.

One of the most important tips if your are looking to improve your sex life as a couple is the importance of good communication, whether verbal or just through actions. Communication is an integral part to all aspects of sex and no one should hesitate to tell the other to stop or carry on doing something — either because it’s uncomfortable or because it feels great.
Once you start sharing information with your partner on what you like, they will start learning this and great sex will begin to take place every time you have sex.

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