Your Privacy Is Our Priority

What is written on the package I will receive?

The discretion is a key element for She Plays He Plays . For this you will receive the goods at home in a totally anonymous package which guarantees respect for your privacy and your safety. The ordered goods will be delivered to you in a package without logos or names that lead back to She Plays He Plays and that in some way can identify the nature of the products contained within. The only legible references on the transport label (mandatory) show the data for the shipment as recipient and address.

What does the package look like?

Each package that leaves our warehouse is absolutely anonymous , that is, it does not report anything that can even remotely lead it back to She Plays He Plays. Depending on the size of the objects contained, the package can have different sizes, in the case of small objects the package will be sealed in a brown bubbled envelope also without references to She Plays He Plays , while in the case of more bulky items , the package will be of a brown color cardboard sealed with high strength adhesive tape. If the item can be felt by hand then we will always send the item in a box.

OK but ... how does it work?

You buy your favorite products

Explore our catalog and find the perfect items for you , check your cart and then access the checkout page. Here you can enter your shipping details even without registering , a user account on our e-commerce site is not required. Your data will be used only and exclusively for shipping. You can also choose to receive the package at your home or work address.

We ship your package anonymously

As soon as we receive your order we will proceed with the packaging of your items, affix the label on the anonymous package and deliver it to the express courier. Our trusted courier will only transport it to the logistics center where it will be sorted and directed to your address, the courier or postman knows absolutely nothing about the contents of the package or the origin .

You receive your package anonymously

When the courier knocks on your door you will receive your package completely devoid of any reference to She Plays He Plays, no logos, no writings, nothing at all . At that point, all you have to do is close the door and have fun with your favorite products. 

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